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The African region offers some of the most interesting risk-adjusted and profitable investment opportunities and benefits from numerous secular growth vectors.

Our activity in Africa is mainly driven by strong macroeconomic fundamentals and enablers including high projected GDP growth, a stabilising political environment, rising consumer spending from a growing middle class, discovery of natural resources like oil and gas and increased public and private sector infrastructure developments

Our team provides compelling investment opportunities for investors, adding value through strategic, commercial, operational and financial expertise, while making a tangible contribution to African economies and communities.

Given that PE is still at its fledgling stages in Africa, the region is expected to continue attracting investments buoyed by expectations of high returns. According to the African Development Bank, Private Equity investments represented only 0.1% of GDP in Sub Saharan Africa compared to 0.4% in India and 0.2% in China and Brazil. East African real GDP growth is forecast to remain buoyant over the medium term, averaging 6.3% p.a. over the 2017-19 period.

Our team focuses on companies with sustainable competitive advantages and tenable margins. Our management teams have a proven well formulated strategy, a clear vision for growth with deep experience in the region and sector together with our determination and energy to execute on our strategy.

Meet the Team



Managing Director

  • Manjula is the Director/CEO of Vidatamuni Wind Power (Pvt) Ltd, the company that developed the first and largest wind power plant in Sri Lanka, and the CEO/Director of Nirmalapura Wind Power (Pvt) Ltd, Daily Life Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd, Powergen Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Fairway Condominiums (Pvt) Ltd, Terraqua International (Pvt) Ltd and Energy Reclamation (Pvt) Limited.
  • A Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK, Manjula graduated with a first class honors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Moratuwa.
  • Chairman of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sri Lanka


Technical Director

  • Devaka has over 9 years’ experience leading engineering projects in Uganda, Kenya and Sri Lanka with expertise in project design, costing, procurement, logistics, supply chain optimization and management
  • His current focus is on project development, implementation and management primarily in the East Africa region
  • He served as the lead technical consultant for the recently commissioned spun concrete pole plant in Sri Lanka (first of its kind in Sri Lanka)
  • Devaka has a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Production and Manufacturing Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing
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  •  Arjun has 10 years of management consulting and project engineering experience in London with Deloitte, Ernst & Young, HSBC and British Telecom
  • Arjun has an M.Eng and B.A (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Cambridge 
  • He currently focuses on asset management, fund compliance, risk analysis and corporate governance advisory for a variety of financial institutions globally including Credit Suisse, Lloyds Banking Group & HSBC


Head of Operations

  • Ruwan has over 10 years’ experience in power infrastructure business development and has extensive experience sourcing, designing and launching large scale energy projects in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya
  • His project portfolio consists of assignments worth over USD 100 million and is an authority on structuring and implementing projects in the East African region
  • He has been an East African resident for the past 6 years and has a broad network of experts and key stakeholders across the local technical, regulatory and investment ecosystem

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